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Our Brilliant Heritage / If You Will Be Perfect / Disciples Indeed

Discovery House


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Our Brilliant Heritage / If You Will Be Perfect / Disciples Indeed :  The Inheritance of God's Transforming Mind & Heart

Author: Oswald Chambers 

God has entrusted humanity with His Word and He intends to demonstrate His character through His disciples. When our minds are focused on God and we are growing in the realization of the purity of Christ's heart and His wonderful strength and power, we will find that that same characteristic is being worked out in us. In this three-in-one-volume, Oswald Chambers writes, 'Sanctification must be the direct gift of God by means of the instrument of the most earnest, intense, and personal faith.' Chambers says no one can acheive sanctification; we must inherit and appropriate it through a vital relationship with God through Christ.
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Publisher: Discovery House 
ISBN: 9781572930421
336Pages / Publication Date: 19980901

Subject: REL012120-RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth,

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