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A Woman God Can Lead

Discovery House Publishers


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A Woman God Can Lead :  Lessons from Women of the Bible Help You Make Today's Choices

Author: Alice Mathews 

Few will deny that we live in an era of great change--especially in redefining the roles of women. But in her book  A Woman God Can Lead, Dr. Alice Mathews examines the lives of twenty-two Old Testament and New Testament women from Eve to Mary to offer timeless biblical guidelines that women can apply in today's circumstances. These guidelines help women make better choices and make them better followers of the Master. This two-in-one volume combines Mathews'  A Woman God Can Use (on Old Testament women) and A Woman Jesus Can Teach (on New Testament women), which continue to be available as individual volumes. Includes questions for group or individual study.
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Publisher: Discovery House Publishers 
ISBN: 9781572930384
368Pages / Publication Date: 19980901

Subject: REL012130-RELIGION / Christian Life / Women's Issues,

About The Author:

Alice Mathews, PH.D., is Distinguished Professor of Educational Ministries and Women's Ministries at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She is widely known for her participation in the daily RBC Bible-teaching program Discover the Word and speaks regularly at women's retreats, conferences, and churches. Her two books, A Woman God Can Use (Old Testament women), and A Woman Jesus Can Teach (New Testament women), are also available separately.

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