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Pray21 :  Believe. Belong. Become. Be.

Author: Timothy Eldred 

What purpose does God have for your life?

Did you know you are God’s answer to someone’s question? You have been created for significance and service—called to mission and ministry. Getting by is not an option. Getting by is getting lost.

This three-week experience will bring you and a spiritual mentor of your choice into a 21-day prayer partnership that will change your life. You will read about people in the Bible who are just like you… Asking questions. Avoiding questions. People in discovery. Getting beyond just getting by. When you wrestle with their stories, you will open doors for your journey of discovery.

You will walk away understanding that God really believes in you, and you matter to his plan. You will learn what it means to belong, so you no longer have to fake it or try to fit into this world. And you will gain confidence to experiment with your faith, risk failure, and become who God designed you to be.

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Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group, LLC 
ISBN: 9780979655104
96Pages / Publication Date: 20170216
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Subject: REL087000-RELIGION / Prayer,REL023000-RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Discipleship,REL109030-RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Youth

About The Author:

TIMOTHY ELDRED has been in youth ministry for more than twenty-five years. His role as lead pastor of New Beginnings is just a disguise; he’s a youth worker at heart. Since 2005, he’s also served as president of Endeavor Ministries, which has trained millions of young leaders globally since 1881. Each year, Tim travels extensively, speaking and consulting on the biblical model of youth in ministry. His Grow21 discipleship series books have been used by five hundred thousand teens worldwide.

Tim’s most important role takes place in Edmore, Michigan, where he and his wife of twenty-six years, Cindy, have raised their two sons to follow Jesus Christ. Find Tim online at TimothyEldred.com, on Facebook at Facebook.com/timothyeldred, or on Twitter @timothyeldred

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