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Guide to Survival

AMG Publishers


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Guide to Survival  

Author: Salem Kirban 

There is hope! God knew things were going to be the way they are today.

God knew man would not be able to find solutions for his multiple problems. God knew human beings would escalate their problems to the point of human extinction.

Now mankind is beginning to see the picture. Man recognizes the problems, but is not enthusiastic about the prospect of solving them. Scientists readily admit they do not have the answers. Politicians and educators certainly don't have the answers.

Despite the bleak outlook there is no need to fear. God DOES have the answer, all of which are clearly examined in Salem Kirban's Guide to Survival. The facts and predictions in this book are taken from God's word, making this one of the most authoritative and important books written on this subject. This book may be your guide to survival.


Publisher: AMG Publishers 
ISBN: 9780899579030
432Pages / 
Withdrawn from sale

Subject: FIC042020-FICTION / Christian / Futuristic,REL085000-RELIGION / Eschatology,REL067060-RELIGION / Christian Theology / Eschatology

About The Author:

Salem Kirban was an Arab-born believer and a Graduate of Girard College and Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Mary, have raised 5 children. He had authored more than 50 books including 666, 1000, Guide to Survival, and What in the World Will Happen Next? For many years he had been an investigative reporter, a war correspondent, and covered the Vietnam Conflict and the aftermath of the 6-Day War in both Israel and Jordan. Dr. Kirban passed away in March 2010.

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