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Swords of the Six

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Swords of the Six  

Series: The Sword of the Dragon  
Author: Scott Appleton 

In ancient times a band of warriors escorted a young prince homeward. Only one warrior remained true. He watched helplessly as the others slew their young charge. Death seemed to claim him as well. But he awoke one thousand years later, brought back by the prophets of God to serve them once again as an invisible guardian. One of the prophets, an albino dragon, hatched human daughters out of eggs by giving them the life in his blood. The daughters sought out the traitor to bring him to repentance. Out of remorse for his sins, the traitor slew himself on a sword. Upon the daughters’ return their dragon father sent them to live in a far off forest. The youngest daughter fell in love and wed. But upon giving birth to a beautiful baby girl she gave up the life in her blood and died; making the ultimate sacrifice to bring a child of promise into the world.

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Publisher: AMG Publishers 
ISBN: 9780899578606
320Pages / Publication Date: 20110301

Subject: FIC042080-FICTION / Christian / Fantasy,FIC009000-FICTION / Fantasy / General

About The Author:

Scott Appleton is a freelance writer living in the northeast corner of Connecticut. He is the author of such published short stories as Splintered Sacrifice and The Woodland King, and By Sword By Right. In his spare time he enjoys photography, astronomy, reading history, novels and science books, and spending time with his wife and son. He finds biblical history particularly fascinating and derives some of the inspiration for his writing from biblical references. Swords of the Six is his first published novel. He may be found on the web at www.TheSwordoftheDragon.com.

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