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AMG Concise Church History

AMG Publishers


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AMG Concise Church History  

Series: AMG Concise Series  
Author: John Hunt 

Each chapter begins with a list of the dates of important events in that period, followed by an introduction to the period. Then the pivotal events of the period are mentioned, and an overview discusses  these events and their impact on  the Church.

     Biographical sketches introduce  the key people of  the period, while extracts from Christian writings of the time, on topics ranging from doctrines and descriptions of historical events to devotional and Bible studies, offer a deeper understanding of the issues and struggles of real people just like us. Each chapter ends with a discussion of important translations of the Bible.


Publisher: AMG Publishers 
ISBN: 9780899576961
400Pages / Publication Date: 20071026

Subject: REL108020-RELIGION / Christian Church / History,

About The Author:

John Hunt, who lives in the United Kingdom has been a publisher for years with his own publishing company--John Hunt Publishing. For the past years he has compiled numerous reference books for AMG and is responsible for the bestselling, multi-volume Made Easy series. John, his wife and children live in Alresfond,Hants.

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