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Countdown to Rapture

AMG Publishers


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Countdown to Rapture  

Author: Salem Kirban 

  • While a 5000 megaton warhead may kill many people, such an atomic explosion could instantaneously reduce the protective ozone shield by 50% to 70% . The illness and death from such destruction woudl be far more devistating! 
  • Every 2 seconds nine babies are born and three people die...leaving a net of six or 93 million per year
  • In the Last Days, we are living in the age of "throw-away" marriages. Divorces in the United States alone are above the 50% amount and increasing
  • Too many Christians want to be entertained. And now several Christian media outlets promote books, music and resources that focus on the aesthetic rather than the truth of God's Word!

These are just a few of the factors that Dr. Salem Kirban's book Countdown to Rapture focus on to get people today thinking about the realities of a future eternity. Dr. Kirban's desire to is point out, through Bible prophecy, the coming signs that point toward man's ultimate judgment by God during Daniel's seventeeth week, called by many the "tribulation perioid." The rapture of the church is the event that become the catalyst for thisworld-changing epic, ultimately resulting in the destruction of the earth.

Provocative yet thoughtful, this book will challenge all of us to look around at the signs in our world today and take note of the impending judgment to come on this world.


Publisher: AMG Publishers 
ISBN: 9780899576237
224Pages / 
Withdrawn from sale

Subject: FIC042020-FICTION / Christian / Futuristic,REL085000-RELIGION / Eschatology,REL067060-RELIGION / Christian Theology / Eschatology

About The Author:

Salem Kirban was an Arab-born believer and a Graduate of Girard College and Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Mary, have raised 5 children. He had authored more than 50 books including 666, 1000, Guide to Survival, and What in the World Will Happen Next? For many years he had been an investigative reporter, a war correspondent, and covered the Vietnam Conflict and the aftermath of the 6-Day War in both Israel and Jordan. Dr. Kirban passed away in March 2010.

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