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The Book of Ruth

AMG Bible Studies


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The Book of Ruth :  Key Word Bible Study

Author: Andy Lee 

The Bible was written in language very different from our own. Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words have lost meaning and unique nuances through translation that can only be recovered by unearthing the ancient text. At one time, a seminary degree was required to study the biblical languages, but today tools are available to help us dig beneath our English. When the Bible is studied this way, it begins to breathe in our hands. The life inside is unlocked.
The Book of Ruth (a Key Word Bible Studies series release) is a fresh 31-day journey into one of the most beloved books of the Bible. It empowers you to do your own research into the ancient text by providing Hebrew and Greek definitions from The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible. Author Andy Lee illustrates Hebrew definitions with humorous and authentic stories, and she teaches participants how to employ the ancient words in prayer. Praying Scripture is an important precept, but praying Hebrew unites our hearts with the biblical authors.
As you dig past our English translations, you will feel the Bethlehem dirt on your face, experience the warm harvest night breeze, understand Naomi’s bitter desperation, and comprehend Jesus, our Redeemer, our Ga’al, as never before.

Publisher: AMG Publishers 
ISBN: 9780899575193
256Pages / Publication Date: 20151208

Subject: REL006700-RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Bible Study Guides,REL006040-RELIGION / Biblical Biography / New Testament,REL006220-RELIGION / Biblical Studies / New Testament

About The Author:

Andy Lee is an award winning writer and inspirational speaker. She’s ministered to women for over twenty years through Bible study, women’s retreats, conferences, and just being a friend. She lives on the coast of North Carolina with her retired U.S. Army husband and their three almost “all-growed-up” kids. Find her words of faith and purpose at wordsbyandylee.com.


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