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52 New Testament Sermon Starters Book Three

AMG Publishers


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52 New Testament Sermon Starters Book Three  

Series: Pulpit Helps Outline Series  
Author: Spiros Zodhiates 

As a Bible teacher, preacher, evangelist, or pastor, finding time for proper sermon preparation in today's multi-tasked world becomes increasingly challenging. 52 Sermon Starters Volume One can help! It covers topics such as:
  • How to be Fully Satisfied Here and Now
  • Man's Responsibility before God
  • The Purpose of Pentecost
  • For What and for Whom Should a Christian Pray?
This book is a compilation of selected outlines which were previoulsy published in a long-time published magazine called Pulpit Helps, a publication distributed to over 100,000 pastors and teachers of the Bible. These outlines were written to meet the need of those who follow the Lectionary, a system used by a number of churches, and are as relevant and applicable today as they were when first published, espousing the timeless truths of God's Word. Each outline follows in order from Matthew to Revelation, one for each week of the year.
The unique features of this book include:
  • A key verse given for each outline that is the focus of the entire passage covered
  • An index of Greek words listing each Greek word (transliterated) mentioned in the outlines along with a definition
  • Scripture references showing where a particular word is found (if applicable)

Publisher: AMG Publishers 
ISBN: 9780899574875
210Pages / Publication Date: 20010315

Subject: REL006100-RELIGION / Biblical Criticism & Interpretation / New Testament,

About The Author:

Spiros Zodhiates was a recognized authority on the Greek New Testament, and had edited and edition of the Modern Greek New Testament. Dr. Zodhiates was formerly the president of AMG International (Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel) a worldwide evangelistic and relief ministry. He had authored more than 150 exegetical books and booklets in both the Greek and English languages. He was the main editor for the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible, which has sold over 1.8 million copies since 1984. Dr. Zodhiates passed away in October 2009.

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