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Meditations for Dog Lovers

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Meditations for Dog Lovers  

Author: Jim Dyet 


A delightful book for dog owners, Meditations for Dog Lovers taps into the energy and emotions that forge a special relationship between a dog and his or her master. From the first time a puppy responds to its master's voice, a relationship develops that results in many shared happy moments. Meditations for Dog Lovers explores the bond of friendship that has developed between Jim Dyet and his dogs, Molly and Rosie, since they were puppies. Each meditation relates a brief, often humorous story every dog lover can relate to and applies its "dog-ma" to the reader's relationship with God.

Meditations for Dog Lovers will connect with dog owners. readers will see themselves and their dogs in these brief stories. They will also learn how to enjoy a closer relationship with their own Master in heaven.


Publisher: AMG Publishers 
ISBN: 9780899573809
128Pages / Publication Date: 20050916
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Subject: REL077000-RELIGION / Faith,

About The Author:

JIM DYET was born in Scotland, raised in Ontario, Canada, and graduated from Moody Bible Institute. He holds a MA in Theology. Th.D in English Bible, and a D.Lit from Louisiana Baptist University. Jim has written more than thirty Bible curriculum courses, hundreds of articles, and sixteen books. Jim currently mentors students in the craft of writing for the Christian Writers Guild. He and his wife, Gloria, reside in Colorado Springs with their two dogs, Molly a Maltese and Rosie, a toy poodle. Their three adult children and two granddaughters live in Denver.

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