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Taking Your Spiritual Pulse

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Taking Your Spiritual Pulse  

Author: Claire Musters 

Have you ever tried to give yourself a spiritual checkup?

Or are you like so many people, who never go near a doctor or health clinic until they are taken into the hospital on a stretcher? No one this side of heaven enjoys perfect spiritual health, but Taking Your Spiritual Pulse gives you an accurate reading on your current fitness and offers you a range of ideas to get yourself into good spiritual shape and keep yourself that way. This pocket guide to Christian fitness contains a simple, imaginative, and enjoyable regimen that will give mind, spirit, and soul a thorough, thought-provoking workout, including:

A spiritual fitness assessment to assess your current state of Christian fitness.

A simple and effective approach to keeping an eye on your spiritual health, covering all aspects of everyday life.

Simple points to act on for a quick spiritual fix, plus long-term strategies to improve your overall fitness.

Guidelines on how to maintain your spiritual fitness.                                                              




Publisher: AMG Publishers 
ISBN: 9780899573779
96Pages / Publication Date: 20031001

Subject: REL077000-RELIGION / Faith,

About The Author:

CLAIRE MUSTERS is a freelance book editor and writer who has worked on titles within a range of subjects including Christianity, health and extreme sports. She writes out of her concern that Christians should see their lives as a whole, living under the sovereignty of God every day, in whatever situation and circumstances they find themselves. The most important things for here are being a Christian in the real world, being honest about where one is at spiritually and not allowing difficulties and problems to completely get one down. Claire lives in Surrey, England, where she attends an evangelical church.

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