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Blessed Hope

AMG Publishers


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Blessed Hope :  The Autobiography of John F. Walvoord

Author: John Walvoord 

...he has kept the "blessed hope" of the pretribulational Rapture alive and well.

It would be impossible to write the history of the evangelical church of the last half of the twentieth century without giving Dr. John Walvoord a prominent position. For more than sixty years he has stood, without apology, for the literal interpretation of all Scripture, particularly Bible prophecy. More than any other one man he has kept the "blessed hope" of the pretribulational Rapture alive and well.

As president of Dallas Theological Seminary for forty years, he guided the training of more young ministers than any other person in America. He brought together one of the most qualified seminary faculties ever assembled. Names like Charles Ryrie, Dwight Pentecost, Merrill F.Unger, and Stanley Toussaint-all men committed to the literal interpretation of the Word of God and the literal, physical return of Christ to set up His millennial kingdom.

Dr. Walvoord's writings, particularly on prophetic subjects, are interesting yet scholarly, inspiring while not being Christian while at the same time meaningful to the Bible scholar. He is one of the most quoted pretribulational writers in the world.

Today's church owes a great debt to this man. Anyone who emphasizes the imminent coming of Christ, as has Dr. Walvoord, has helped to fire the spirit of holiness, evangelism, and missionary vision in the hearts of pastors and believers. Dr. John Walvoord has done for the present-generation church what John Nelson Darby did in the nineteenth century-he has kept the torch of prophetic expectation alive and well in the hearts of missions.



"I appreciate  your work as a scholar, author, and theologian of distinction and your service as Chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary...Laura joins me in sending best wishes for a wonderful birthday celebration."

(Received on celebration of Dr.Walvoord's 90th birthday)


                                          GEORGE W.BUSH

                         PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES



"As president of Dallas Theological Seminary for thirty-four years, he guided the training of more young ministers than any other person in North America."

                                   TIM  LA HAYE


                                LEFT BEHIND series

                         PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER

                    The Pre-Trib Rapture Study Group



"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you-Philippians 1:3 I am thankful for your clear, uncomplicated communication of Scripture and its doctrinal content. I appreciate this more every year as I associate with leaders in evangelicalism who do not know or understand what the Bible teaches...It is a privilege to thank you, to pay tribute to you, and to extend my best wishes to you on this milestone occasion. And my best wishes to Mrs.Walvoord, who stood by you and helped make it all happen."

                  DR. HOWARD F. VOS

                       Professor of History


                      Archeology Emeritus

                        The King's College


"Your counsel and our preparation for seeking and obtaining our Commission for the Army Chaplaincy was greatly appreciated. My wife Jean and I pray that the Lord will allow further years of ministry and encouragement to those who desire to maintain the historic stance of Dallas Theological Seminary in these troublesome days."


                 RAYMOND A. ACKER

                CHAPLAIN (LTC) USA









" No one in your lifetime has done as much as you have to clarify and proclaim the blessed truth of His coming. You are God's great gift to the Body [of Christ]."

                      DR.J.DWIGHT PENTECOST


                        Dallas Theological Seminary



"Thank you, my friend, for modeling the life of Christ so consistently and so faithfully through the years... We rejoice with you over God's grace and goodness. May He reward you abundantly!"

                     DR. CHARLES SWINDOLL


                   Dallas Theological Seminary




"History bears witness that those who begin well often end poorly. Exceptions to this rule, therefore, stand out as giants worthy of admiration, emulation, and praise. You are one of those servants of Christ. Dr. Walvoord, who have inspired us to go beyond what we though we could be and do."

               DR. EUGENE MERRILL



Publisher: AMG Publishers 
ISBN: 9780899573618
178Pages / Publication Date: 20020301
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Subject: REL006020-RELIGION / Biblical Biography / General,

About The Author:

DR. JOHN F. WALVOORD served as president of Dallas Theological Seminary from 1952 to 1986, was on the school's faculty for 50 years, and is currently Chancellor, Emeritus of the Seminary. He has authored, co-authored and contributed to over 60 books. Some of his better known books, most of which deal with prophetic subjects, include Every Prophecy of the Bible, The Church in Prophecy, End Times, and The Nations, Israel, and the Church in Prophecy.


DR. MAL COUCH is founder and president of Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute in Forth Worth, Texas. He previously taught at Philadelphia College of the Bible, Moody Bible Institute, and Dallas Theological Seminary. His published works include The Hope of Christ's Return: A Premillennial Commentary on 1 and 2 Thessalonians, A Bible Handbook to Revelation, and Dictionary of Premillennial Theology.

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