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Think Before You Look

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Think Before You Look :  40 Powerful Reasons to Avoid Pornography

Author: Daniel Henderson 



The treacherous sea of PORNOGRAPHY is drowning millions of young and middle-aged men. Research indicates that 60 percent of Christian men are addicted to pornography. Most are naive and unprepared as they journey into the attractive but deadly waters. The best approach to helping men with this struggle is to give them strong preventive tools.

THINK Before you LOOK  provides a useful and timeless approach to avoiding the temptations of pornography before it's too late. The content springs from the author's experiences working with thousands of men and counseling many about the painful issues revolving around the porn industry. Each brief chapter explains the practical rationale and biblical basis for steering clear of pornography's clutches.

The chapters are succinct, sometimes humorous-though meaty enough to offer solid biblical equipping for the battle. It's approach leads to a fast-paced read that avoids academic and clinical terminology yet is designed to further personal or group Bible study.

THINK Before You LOOK  promises to help those drowning and warn others who are considering the shadowy water.



> To avoid a life-pattern of deception

> To live in reality rather than fantasy

> To develop disciplined

> To avoid the pathway that could easily result in infidelity

> To model strong and genuine moral values for my children


"We all know the powerful allure of lust. Yet every man can overcome temptation with God's help. This book will allow you to tap into His power to live a pure life"

> Shaun Alexander, All-Pro running back, Seattle Seahawks

"This simple, concise book packs a punch. I have not read a book on the issue of pronography that is so easy to read and so full of valuable information, resources, and practical help. This is a must read"

> Graig Gross, Founder of XXX church.com

"Think Before You Look is one of the best resources I've seen."

> David Jeremiah, Turning Point Ministries

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Publisher: AMG Publishers 
ISBN: 9780899571645
160Pages / Publication Date: 20050215

Subject: REL012060-RELIGION / Christian Life / Men's Issues,REL012070-RELIGION / Christian Life / Personal Growth,REL105000-RELIGION / Sexuality & Gender Studies

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