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AMG's Handi-Reference World Religions & Cults

AMG Publishers


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AMG's Handi-Reference World Religions & Cults  

Series: AMG Handi-Reference Series  
Author: John Hunt 




is a comprehensive introduction to and analysis of all the variety of beliefs present in the world today. it analysis the Christian faith, cults, non-Christian world religions, contemporary movements, and atheistic beliefs and then highlights their dangers and compares them with the truth of Scripture.

The greatest need in the world today is for the truth of the Christian gospel to be spread. However, a necessary part of that activity is to identify and expose false religion in al its forms. AMG's Handi-Reference:World Religions and Cults leaves no stone unturned in its examination of false teaching. The approach is from an evangelical Christian perspective, aiming to help bot understanding and discernment in approaching the variety of beliefs widespread in the world today.

Section 1 covers twelve classical religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Taoism, Judaism, Jainism, Confucianism, Bahai, Shinto and Zoroastrianism. Extensive quotations from each group's scriptures are quoted. Handy list and tables are provider along with background articles, analysis of beliefs, and comparison with Christian beliefs.

Section 2 covers the traditional major Christian cults: Christian Science, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormonism. Also covered are religious practices from the New Age Movement, Hare Krishna, and Scientology to Transcendental Meditation.


Publisher: AMG Publishers 
ISBN: 9780899571133
800Pages / Publication Date: 20080815
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Subject: REL006670-RELIGION / Biblical Reference / Dictionaries & Encyclopedias,

About The Author:

John Hunt, who lives in the United Kingdom has been a publisher for years with his own publishing company--John Hunt Publishing. For the past years he has compiled numerous reference books for AMG and is responsible for the bestselling, multi-volume Made Easy series. John, his wife and children live in Alresfond,Hants.

DAN PENWELL was responsible for re-writing, editing, and reformatting the much larger text into this handi-reference guide. Dan has been in Christian publishing as a writer, product developer, and with AMG Publisher/Living Ink Books in Chattanooga, Tennessee

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