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The Five Laws of Liberty

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The Five Laws of Liberty :  Defending a Biblical View of Freedom

Author: Scott Hyland 

Why is it important to have a proper understanding of freedom?  According to educator and author, Scott Hyland, life and liberty thrive within the parameters of The Five Laws of Liberty:


  • Remember the Past
  • Embrace the Truth
  • Respect Humanity
  • Self-control (Restrain)
  • Protect and Serve others       

As a nation, America proudly exhibits a heritage of placing  these laws into practice.  Unfortunately, in recent years, we have witnessed deterioration in our ability to focus upon the founding principles of our country.

If this practice continues, our country will decline from democracy to anarchy, from anarchy to bondage, from bondage to tyranny, from tyranny to oppression, and from oppression to death.

In order to preserve life and prevent the extinction of our nation, we must learn  to train our sights upon The Five Laws of Liberty.

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Publisher: AMG Publishers 
ISBN: 9780899570150
208Pages / Publication Date: 20100610

Subject: REL084000-RELIGION / Religion, Politics & State,POL035000-POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Freedom,REL067070-RELIGION / Christian Theology / Ethics

About The Author:

Scott Hyland, along with his three  brothers, grew up in the small town of Library, Pennsylvania, where he first learned the value of hard work, patriotism, and a strong Christian family.  After getting married, Scott earned a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.  For the last ten years, Scott has served as the Bible Department Head at Liberty Christian Academy in Lynchburg, VA.  Scott, his wife, and their three children  currently live in nearby Forest, VA.

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