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Experiencing Community



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Experiencing Community  

Author: Thom Corrigan 

Turn your small group into a community
Why do some groups produce lifelong relationships while others never move beyond the acquaintance level? Much of the difference lies in what issues are discussed during those first few group gatherings. Including all the essentials for launching (or renewing!) a successful small group, Experiencing Community will help you discover what it means to be a community of Christ-followers. By discussing how you will function together as one, what it means to love one another, and how to grow spiritually through shared ministry and insight, your group will grow closer as you grow closer to God.

The life of following Christ was never meant to be solitary. The early Christians pursued it in groups not much larger than your small group, meeting in homes for the first two hundred years of the movement. So whether you’ve joined a small group to know a few people well, to learn in a more concentrated setting, or to focus your collective gifts toward a specific end, you are following a time-tested format for spiritual growth.   

Publisher: The Navigators 
ISBN: 9780891099383
80Pages / Publication Date: 19960915

Subject: REL006700-RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Bible Study Guides,

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