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A World Without Tyranny



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A World Without Tyranny :  Christian Faith and International Politics

Series: Turning Point Christian Worldview Series  
Author: Curry, Dean C. 

A crisis of faith in our world has led to the rise of often brutal secularist ideologies. Curry examines world tyranny and offers an antidote: democratic capitalism enlightened by biblical truth. Part of the Turning Point series.


Publisher: Crossway 
ISBN: 9780891075097
256Pages / Publication Date: 19900101
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Subject: REL077000-RELIGION / Faith,

About The Author:

Dean C. Curry is the director of the College Honors Program and professor of politics at Messiah College.

Marvin Olasky (PhD, University of Michigan) is the editor in chief of World magazine, holder of the distinguished chair in journalism and public policy at Patrick Henry College, and senior fellow of the Acton Institute. He was previously a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, a Boston Globe reporter, and a Du Pont Company speechwriter. He is the author of twenty books and more than 3,500 articles. He and his wife, Susan, have four sons.

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