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At Heaven's Edge

Harvest House Publishers


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At Heaven's Edge :  True Stories of Faith and Rescue

Author: Andrea Jo Rodgers 

Veteran EMT Andrea Rodgers has helped hundreds of people in their most vulnerable moments.

Some of the victims faced their mortality head-on and cried out to God for help. Many experienced fleeting but life-changing connections with their first responders. Often these crises became unexpected sources of inspiration.

Now Rodgers shares brief, real-life stories of heroic courage in the face of fear. In times of intense suffering, she has repeatedly witnessed signs of God's quiet intervention and healing presence.

  • A man is resuscitated after Rodgers was able to repair a defibrillator—with her teeth!
  • Several bystanders help rescue a young girl who is accidently buried alive in sand.
  • Rodgers also experienced some lighthearted moments, including the time she arrived at the scene of a crime only to find herself in the middle of a mystery dinner theater.

Experience the miracles, the life-and-death drama as you look at life from heaven's edge.

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Publisher: Harvest House Publishers 
ISBN: 9780736964593
224Pages / Publication Date: 20151001

Subject: REL012000-RELIGION / Christian Life / General,

About The Author:

Andrea Rodgers has been a volunteer EMT for 26 years and has responded to more than 6500 first-aid and fire calls. She holds a clinical doctorate in physical therapy and has worked as a physical therapist in a trauma center for 20 years.

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