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90 Days Through the New Testament in Chronological Order

Harvest House Publishers


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90 Days Through the New Testament in Chronological Order :  *Helpful Timeline *Powerful Insights *Personal Application

Author: Ron Rhodes 

Experience the story of Jesus and the early church like never before in this daily chronological tour through the New Testament. With one short reading a day, you'll see how the Gospels, Acts, and all the letters fit together.

Each daily reading includes...

  • Scripture Readings and Insights—short passages of the New Testament and easy-to-understand notes on each verse
  • Major Themes—brief summaries of the most important ideas
  • Cross-References—several other passages you can look up on relevant topics
  • Life Lessons—practical applications to everyday life
  • Questions for Reflection and Discussion—thought-provoking conversation starters for group discussions or personal journaling

You'll be refreshed and restored in your relationship with Jesus as you experience His Word in a life-changing way.

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Publisher: Harvest House Publishers 
ISBN: 9780736964319
400Pages / Publication Date: 20150901

Subject: REL006000-RELIGION / Biblical Studies / General,

About The Author:

Ron Rhodes (ThD), president of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries, is heard regularly on nationwide radio and is the author of The End Times in Chronological Order, The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy, and 40 Days Through Revelation. He periodically teaches at Dallas Theological Seminary and several other seminaries.

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