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Beyond an Angry God

Harvest House Publishers


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Beyond an Angry God :  You Can?t Imagine How Much He Loves You

Author: Steve McVey 

How would your life change if you really believed and could even feel that God is absolutely crazy about you?

Steve McVey’s penetrating new look at the transforming power of God’s grace leads you to that change. Steve unpacks the biblical revelation of the Trinity as a loving relationship, and he highlights the goal of history: God intends to include us in that circle of love! Steve answers troubling questions that can keep you from fully sensing God’s love, acceptance, and forgiveness, such as…

  • Why does God look like a bad cop in the Old Testament and a good cop in the New Testament?
  • At Calvary, was the Father angry at the Son? Is He ever angry with me?
  • Why do I sometimes feel separated from God, abandoned, guilty, and ashamed?

Theologians have described the Trinity as perichoresis—a dance. Are you ready to be swept into the Father’s embrace?


"Steve McVey has written a wonderful book for anyone who wants to delve deeper into God's grace. If you're looking for help because God seems to be both for us and against us, equally angry and loving, this book is for you. Interwoven with his own journey, Steve shows with biblical clarity how God is not split into two minds about us. Rather, a proper consideration of all of Scripture coupled with the best interpretive practices shows us that God is like Jesus Christ all the way down. Highly recommended."
Joseph Tkach, president, Grace Communion International, board member, National Association of Evangelicals

"What if you knew that God is not angry with you? What if the God who is love is beyond anger? How would this inform and reform our ideas of sin and salvation, the cross and redemption, heaven and hell? Steve McVey 'goes there.' He is both bold and careful. Bold because the Father's heart of love and saving act of grace are firmly rooted in Steve's own heart and message. And careful because nothing here is mere novelty or sentimentalism—his gospel is rooted deeply in the text of Scripture, and his research in the early church fathers. He holds high the finished work of Christ and the importance of our response to it. Biblically sound, theologically orthodox—what we have here is the beautiful gospel of a grace-based, Christ-centered faith that draws out our 'yes' to God's 'yes.'"
Brad Jersak, Westminster Theological Centre, author of Can You Hear Me?: Tuning In to the God Who Speaks

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Publisher: Harvest House Publishers 
ISBN: 9780736959827
208Pages / Publication Date: 20140801

Subject: REL012000-RELIGION / Christian Life / General,

About The Author:

Steve McVey is the president of Grace Walk Ministries, a discipleship-training ministry based in the southeastern U.S. He has authored the bestselling Grace Walk (over 250,000 sold), The Grace Walk Devotional, Walking in the Will of God, and 52 Lies Heard in Church Every Sunday, and has also coauthored Helping Others Overcome Addictions. He and his wife reside in Georgia.

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