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The Amazing Fitness Adventure For Your Kids

Harvest House Publishers


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Childhood obesity and diabetes are on the rise. Many kids would rather play video games than run around a playground or in their backyard. Yet they can't engage fully in life when their physical well-being is less than what God intended.

Using principles and practices they've used successfully in their own family, Phil and Amy Parham equip parents with the tools they need to help their children become healthier and happier. This book is an inspirational and easy-to-follow guide that teaches parents

  • basic principles to raise fit kids
  • the importance of setting a good example
  • simple ways to prepare nutritious meals and snacks
  • creative ways to be physically active as a family
  • how to make a healthy lifestyle fun and rewarding

The Amazing Fitness Adventure for Your Kids informs parents not only how to raise fit kids, but it also provides a roadmap to the rewards that come from sharing a healthy lifestyle together--stronger and healthier kids and more closely knit families.

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