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Undefending Christianity: Embracing Truth Without Having All the Answers

Harvest House Publishers


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"This book is one more sign of a fresh movement in the church."
Shane Claiborne
author, The Irresistible Revolution

Dillon Burroughs has defended the faith as a writer, speaker, and professor. But when he asked himself how he was helping a homeless guy in his city or a hungry family in Darfur, everything started to unravel. Now, with renewed vision, disarming candor, and deep respect for the church, Burroughs gently leads readers through a reassessment of hot-button topics like these:

  • Jesus was a friend of sinners and consumed alcohol. How did that work?
  • He also said to love neighbors, sinners, and enemies. Does loving homosexuals fit in there somewhere?
  • Why are the odds in America stacked against the success of a traditional marriage?

Burroughs provides a safe place for spiritually minded and culturally savvy people to process their questions and find a more relevant and Christlike faith.

 Format: Paperback


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