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Becoming Your Husband's Best Friend

Harvest House Publishers


Would you like to help your husband become more attentive, loving, and helpful around the house? Do you long for a new level of partnership and fun in your marriage? You can make a tremendous difference in your relationship all by yourself by inviting God to begin the change in you. Discover how wives like you have transformed their homes by…

  • recognizing the role unspoken expectations play in every marriage
  • releasing their unresolved emotions to allow for greater intimacy
  • choosing the right words and actions to encourage their husbands

Whether your husband is a prince or a pain in the neck, the best way to empower him to grow is to experience God's life-giving touch in your own heart. These inspiring stories and biblical insights demonstrate how that happens and how you can become a better friend than your husband ever imagined.

Questions for reflection and ideas for journaling make this a perfect tool for a woman's personal healing as well as group study.

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