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The Release

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In these reflective and winsome stories William Vande Kopple shares his experiences of fishing — alone and with family — and the deeper lessons to be learned on the water. / An avid fisherman and a skillful writer, Vande Kopple considers the wonders of the natural world from West Michigan to Ontario, viewing them through the eyes of his sons, his father, and his wife. His adventures — and misadventures — with his family members lead him to muse about the loves and strains and longings of family life. From many of these musings, Vande Kopple moves on to grapple with spiritual matters — stinging losses and sustaining hopes, the unpredictability of memory and the certainty of grace, the reach of God’s providence and the grasping that is appropriate for humans. / Whether you’re serious about fishing or have never heard of a jig or a treble hook, these stories will entertain you and inspire you to think deeply about the important things in life.

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