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This newest volume in the FOTL series presents a valuable form-critical analysis of 1 Samuel, highlighting both the literary development of the text itself and its meanings for its audience. A skilled student of the Hebrew scriptures and their ancient context, Antony Campbell shows modern readers the process of editing and reworking that shaped 1 Samuel's final form. His revealing study sheds light on tensions and contradicitions that exist in the present text, and it also allows for a more satisfying discussion of the text's literary structure and the particular purpose and message of each distinct unit. As Campbell shows, 1 Samuel deals with a massive change in the way of life of ancient Israel. Samuel, the first prophet, here emerges to preside, and to annoint David as Israel's next king and the first established head of a royal dynasty. The book of 1 Samuel captures the work of God within this interplay of sociopolitical forces, and Campbell fruitfully explores the text as a repository of traditions of great significance for Israel and a paradigm of Israel's use of narrative for theological expression.

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