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Appealing To Scripture In Moral Debate

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.


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Arguing from scripture is one of the ways that Christians test their moral judgments. But are all methods of appealing to the Bible equally valid and effective? In this book Charles Cosgrove looks at the church's long tradition of moral debate and analyzes five important hermeneutical rules that guide contemporary use of scripture in ethical argument. After introducing the nature of moral arguments generally, Cosgrove devotes one chapter to each of the five rules of biblical interpretation that make ethical appeals to scripture persuasive. He sets forth each rule's rationale, provides examples of its operation, and subjects it to critique. Based not only on the work of biblical scholars and Christian ethicists but also on Cosgrove's own experience with debates in classrooms, churches, and other Christian contexts, this volume is a valuable aid to readers who employ moral reasoning in real-life settings.

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