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At The Scent Of Water



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In this remarkable rereading of the biblical book of Job — often discussed as an attempt to “justify the ways of God to man” — J. Gerald Janzen brings new light to Job’s story, showing how God invites Job to give up the traditional logic of reward-punish­ment for a life-affirming strategy of risk-reward. From this perspective, affirmation of life in the face of all its vulnerabilities is the path to true participation in the mystery of existence. / At the Scent of Water traces Job’s journey from prosperity, through calamity and bitter anguish, to an encounter with God’s presence in a rainstorm that renews the earth and his own appetite for life. / Janzen includes a candid epilogue on his own struggle with aggressive prostate cancer, which enabled him to connect personally with Job and to find a fresh and illuminating grace. At the Scent of Water will especially resonate with any readers who have experi­enced grief or suffering.

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