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God's Advocates



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Theology has shown a remarkable recovery of nerve over the last quarter-century. What is happening at the cutting edge of Christian thought, and why does it matter? In this valuable entr?e to recent theology, religion journalist Rupert Shortt offers a rich and accessible survey of the best of contemporary Christian thought from around the English-speaking world and beyond.

Shortt's lively interviews introduce readers to eighteen respected Christian thinkers who have contributed to the recent renaissance in theology. In the opening chapter Rowan Williams addresses some of the thorniest objections to religious belief. Other participants discuss key themes in the philosophy of religion, the current resurgence of systematic theology, new developments in feminist and black theologies, Christian-Muslim dialogue, and faith-based approaches to ethics and politics. Spanning a large part of the theological spectrum, the participants also speak honestly about their personal experiences of faith and share a confidence that the Christian tradition can creatively answer the intellectual challenges of the day.

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