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The Future Of Hope

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.


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In the past few decades, optimism about human progress has given way to uncertainty and fear. Our postmodern culture is characterized in part by the loss of a hope for a future substantially better than the present. In this book scholars representing theology, social science, and the humanities seek to infuse the jaded language of hope with a new vitality. Written by truly eminent thinkers, this volume offers a powerful critique of today's stifling cultural climate and shows why the vision of hope central to Christian faith must be a basic component of any flourishing society. The first part of the book sets the context with cultural criticism of modernity. The second part focuses on affinities between premodern Christian views of hope and twentieth-century thought. The final part examines the relationship between postmodern thought, Christian tradition, and biblical hope. Together, these chapters provide an incisive analysis of Christian faith and the future of hope in our modern and postmodern world.

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