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Hot Topics For Couples

Harvest House Publishers


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Believing young love is great and real love improves with age, Steve and Annie Chapman offer proven insights for creating loving, lasting marriages.

What sparked Hot Topics for Couples? Annie asked Steve if meat loaf, a staple, was okay for dinner. Steve replied, "I don't like it." Amazed, Annie asked why he'd never mentioned this. "You never asked." So they decided to eliminate any areas of discomfort. Using their 35-year marriage, discussions with couples, and biblical wisdom, the Chapmans address wildfires such as:

  • he won't talk/she won't stop talking
  • he doesn't do housework/she's never in the mood
  • he is the "fun parent"/she has to discipline the children
  • he said he'd do it...someday/she never relaxes
  • he says Dallas Cowboys game/she says Butchart Gardens

Using the interactive questions, couples can make their marriages more fulfilling and exciting.

Rerelease of What Husbands and Wives Aren't Telling Each Other.

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