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Vintage Jesus



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This interactive teaching curriculum from best-selling author and speaker Mark Driscoll explores twelve of the most pressing questions about Jesus Christ.

The Vintage Jesus teaching curriculum drives readers to the Scriptures in search of who Jesus really is by answering twelve of the most pressing questions about the Savior, such as, Is Jesus the only God? How human was he? Why did Jesus come to earth? Why did his mom need to be a virgin? Author and pastor Mark Driscoll uses humor, personal experience, and relevance with today's culture in a quest for the real Jesus.

This study guide and DVD series will give Christians more understanding and confidence in communicating the nature and life-changing power of Jesus, and will challenge those still seeking the ultimate truth of life to think hard about Jesus' own question that he asked his disciples thousands of years ago: "Who do you say that I am?"

  • DVD series includes 12 teaching sessions (30 minutes each) on 4 discs

  • Study guide contains Bible references, study and discussion questions, key thoughts, key verses, and a section for journaling, note-taking, or prayer requests

  • Ideal for use in home/community groups and Bible studies, Sunday schools, or even entire churches

  • Designed for ages 15 and older, including married couples, singles, and college and high school students

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