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Easter Is For Me!



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"He poured the wine and broke the bread. 'Remember Me,' the Savior said. He promised life eternally. I know He was promising me." In engaging rhyme and winsome illustrations, Easter Is for Me! encourages children to see that Jesus lived, died, and conquered sin, death, and the devil -- on their behalf. What makes this book different is that it explains why Jesus' life, ministry, and sacrificial death are important for the individual reader. Young children are egocentric. They are focused on themselves and their knowledge of the world grows from how they experience it. This picture book clearly puts the Easter story into that framework -- what it means for the young child; why the Bible stories he hears at church, Sunday School, and home are important for him; and what Jesus has done for him personally. "They crucified the Son of Man. His death was part of Jesus' plan. I can't explain the mystery. He did what He did for me." Easter Is for Me! takes the young child a step closer to the intimacy of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. By putting the reader into the story -- that Jesus was born for me, that He forgives and heals me, that He prays for me, that He suffered for me, and that He saves me -- the reader will begin to understand the joy of the fulfillment of God's promise of a Savior.

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