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The Real Story Of The Flood



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The latest landmark book from Paul L. Maier gives children a biblical, historically accurate description of the Flood. Illustrations by Robert T. Barrett add realism and perspective to the story of faithful believer Noah and his family who obeyed God and were preserved from death and destruction. In eloquent, authoritative language, The Real Story of the Flood describes what is known about the Flood as revealed in Scripture. Young readers learn about the sinfulness of man, one faithful man and his family, and how God saved them from perishing. The book also addresses common questions about the story, such as the logistics of building a vessel large enough to house all the animals for a year. The story ends with the rainbow, God's sign that He will never again destroy the earth by flood. Children learn that God's Word is true and the story of the Flood is biblical fact rather than fairy tale or myth.

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