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Oh Come Little Children



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The favorite hymn, "O Come, Little Children," serves as the framework for this Christmas picture book for children ages four to eight. The reader is invited, along with the shepherds, angels, innkeeper, and others central to the story, to come to Bethlehem and see the newborn Baby Jesus. This melodic book will captivate children with the drama and the excitement of that miraculous night. And adults welcome the opportunity to tell of the birth of the Messiah, the fulfillment of God's promise to His people that He would send us a Savior from sin. As the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, God came in the flesh to us all, bringing forgiveness and the promise of eternal life. Using the style and rhythm of the hymn, this book draws on Scripture to present Bible history by telling how Mary and Joseph journeyed to Bethlehem and became the earthly parents of the divine Child. Then, true to the account found in Luke 2, the young reader accompanies the shepherds as they hear the angel's message and travel to the manger to see their King. O Come, Little Children opens with an invitation to come see Jesus. It concludes with an invitation to come give their praise to

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