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The Town That Forgot About Christmas



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Children respond enthusiastically to imaginative, winsome stories that explain complex concepts on their level. Fables and fairy tales, for example, have been used for centuries to teach morals, values, history, and more because they engage children's imagination and hold their attention. The Town that Forgot about Christmas is a retelling of classic tale about a community that had forgotten about God and had turned to sinful ways. A visitor to the town tells the Christmas story to people and one-by-one they are reminded about God's gift of the Savior. The story concludes with all the citizens celebrating Christ's birth on Christmas, once more recognizing Him as the Son of God and praising Him as their Redeemer. This new version takes place in a contemporary setting and uses details that children of today will readily recognize. The purpose of the story will remain the same, though - to remind readers that God came in the person of Jesus Christ to be our Savior from sin and to bring the promise of eternal life. Through this book, children will be encouraged to focus on Christ and His gifts to them and not on their wish lists; they will learn to distinguish between the emptiness of a materialistic Christmas and the fullness of the Gospel.

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