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What Happened When Grandma Died



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The death of a loved one is hard enough for an adult to understand and accept. Even more profound is a child's sense of confusion and loss upon the death of someone near and dear. In WHAT HAPPENED WHEN GRANDMA DIED, Peggy Barker presents life and death in terms a child can understand easily. She addresses sensitively the contradictions a young child faces upon hearing a deceased relative is "in heaven with Jesus" and then seeing the body in the funeral setting. Scripture verses help the child understand the experience and reinforce the joyful hope of heaven. A simple story ... a comforting message ... and a solid Christian context make WHAT HAPPENED WHEN GRANDMA DIED a book to be shared by young and old alike whenever a dear one dies. Peggy Barker was born to a missionary family in Iraq and lived in Brazil before settling in St. Louis, Mo. She is a nurse and homemaker and has five children, including a daughter with Downs syndrome, who has enabled the Barkers "to look at profound truths in simple terms."

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