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What Does The Bible Say About...?

Harvest House Publishers


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Popular author and Bible teacher Ron Rhodes offers straightforward, easy-to-understand responses to frequently asked questions about God, faith, and living for Christ. He addresses more than 300 issues as diverse as...

  • Do guardian angels exist?
  • What will heaven and hell be like?
  • Did Jesus physically come back to life?
  • Is meditation okay for Christians?
  • Does a person have to be baptized to be saved?

Readers will also find information about apparent Bible contradictions and difficult verses, supposed conflicts between science and the Bible, and the effects of atheism, agnosticism, and humanism on society.

With solid biblical insights and accurate research, this indispensable reference will help readers explore God's incredible plan, the life of Christ, the teaching of the Bible, church doctrines, and more. Perfect for personal study, small groups, and every Christian's reference library.

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