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When Friends Gather For Tea

Harvest House Publishers


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Just because you don't have time to work in a soup kitchen doesn't mean you can't make a difference. Women often feel helpless to make a difference in the world around them. They see the larger needs of society being addressed through homeless shelters, mental health care clinics, substance abuse facilities, soup kitchens, etc. but between their jobs and families, don't feel like they can commit enough time to matter. Sandy Clough will tell women they can make a big difference just by encouraging those around them with something as easy and fun as one of these themed tea parties: * Welcome new neighbors with a garden party * Encourage one who's feeling blue with a sunny-day party * Recognize a teacher with a thank-you party * Cheer a sick friend with a wishing-you-well party * Encourage an expectant one with a heart-of-a-mother party Sandy will discuss how hospitality can be much more than a social time. She will share suggestions for - and the value of - carrying out acts of kindness in secret. Your audience will appreciate Sandy's creative and well-thought ideas for reaching out to others in either joyous or challenging times.

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