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Social Graces

Harvest House Publishers


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How do you make a proper introduction at a dinner party? How late is "fashionably late"? Is asparagus eaten with fingers or knife and fork? What does it mean when the invitation says "semi-formal"? This easy course in timeless manners for today will prepare you for a variety of social situations, including dinner parties, business meetings, overnight stays, and formal occasions. Learn how to naturally attain a gracious style of living while you... *cultivate the fine art of conversing and listening *develop good manners that put you at ease in every situation *transform your thank-you notes into memorable treasures other will cherish *foster a welcoming atmosphere for guests by anticipating their every need Experts on the arts of hospitality and warm sociability, designer Ann Platz and hostess/gourmet Susan Wales share the charm and wisdom they learned from their own mothers and grandmothers as they grew up in the South. In no time at all, you'll be prepared to enter into any social event with your own unique blend of beauty, charm, confidence, and good manners.

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