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The Complete Book Of Bible Secrets And Mysteries

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.


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Volumes in the "Complete Book of" series are an excellent resource for any home library or for pastors and lay leaders to use for sermon preparation, small group, and Sunday school. In The Complete Book of Bible Secrets and Mysteries, J. Stephen Lang deciphers puzzling Bible mysteries such as, Who is the Antichrist? and What does the Bible say about ghosts? Secrets Revealed and Mysteries Solved! Build your Bible knowledge-and have fun in the process!-with The Complete Book of Bible Secrets and Mysteries. This collection of questions and answers will unlock the secrets of many puzzling and mysterious events recorded in the Bible. Perfect for small groups, youth groups, and Sunday school classes-or challenge yourself to see how many questions you can answer! For example: What shaggy creatures in Greek mythology are mentioned by the prophet Isaiah? What did Elisha do to make a poisoned stew edible? Who had the word mystery written on her forehead? The land of Shinar is another name for what famous empire of the ancient world? And more! Here's a fact that's no secret: Once you pick up The Complete Book of Bible Secrets and Mysteries, you won't be able to put it down!

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