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Holy Fools



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From the Inside Flap Meet the holy fools. Holy fools: A band of Jesus followers, both ancient and modern, who are unabashedly ragged, adventurous, and sold out for Christ. Unlike many of us, the holy fools of old (from the desert fathers to Christ himself) were gutsy enough to push against the grain of society and the churcheven to the point of appearing extreme and foolish. But God also used them to ignite the church to follow Jesus and bring his love to the margins of societyand he can use you in the same way. Are you ready to trade in a nice but bland version of Christianity for the dangerous but rewarding path of the holy fools? Are you willing to be rattled out of your spiritual rut into an immoderate love for God and others? Then jolt your faith awake by following Jesus as you never have before . . . with the reckless abandon of a holy fool.

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