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Amg's Handi-reference World Religions & Cults

AMG Publishers


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AMG's Handi-Reference World Religions & Cults is designed to be of maximum assistance to those who may know little about Christian religions and sects that span the globe. It also serves as a comprehensive resource for those who wish to glean more detail about a particular religion or cult group. Each topic is clearly outlined and easy to find. Handy lists, tables, and comparison charts, such as the Time Line of World Religions, Cults, and Their Founders, and the extensive Glossary make browsing simple for those seeking basic and general information. Those seeking to delve into the minutiae of a particular religion or sect will not be disappointed, either, as each category of world religions, cults, and sects provides a wealth of information. The greatest need in the world today is for the truth of the Christian gospel to be spread. However, a necessary part of that activity is to identify and expose false religion in all its forms. AMG's Handi-Reference World Religions & Cults leaves no stone unturned in its examination of false teaching. Sample Features: Timelines A detailed list of contents of the topic A summary or simple overview of each cult, religion or group. Facts and figures about the world religion/cult Comparison chart -Beliefs: similarities and differences Christianity is compared with other world religions and cults, under the following headings: Founder/Leader Belief about the Holy Spirit Foundational documents The Way of Salvation Belief about God Death and the Afterlife Belief about Jesus Other Beliefs The history of the world religion/cult The source of authority of the world religion/cult The teachings of the world religion/cult. (This often includes extended quotations from the writings of the key books of the cult.) Contains information on How to witness to a member of a false world religion/cult

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