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Simone's Secret

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Simone is one of Angela's friends, who, in the first book discovers the Angel Lines along with the rest of the group of friends. However, Simone has a secret of her own that none of her friends suspect. They think her mother is in Paris on business, but Simone knows she has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Simone thinks she may know of a way to find her mom and tries to complete her dangerous rescue mission alone. That's when she finds out that she has angel helpers watching over her who are more than willing to join her quest. They lead her across the world to fascinating places in France where she finds a more amazing adventure than she ever imagined-one that will reveal secrets about the Angel Lines and the reason for the angel wars. Simone's Secret is the second book in the Angel Light young adult fantasy series. Each book in the series leads readers to biblical answers to teens' spiritual questions, threading each issue through a different adventure story. The issue this book deals with is what the Bible says about moral values and it illustrates that not all the "values" that the secular world esteems are Christian values. (Angela's Answer, the first book of the series, illustrated how the Bible is the ultimate source for truth, rather than things thought of as "spiritual" by the secular world.)

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