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The Believers Guide To Legal Issues

Living Ink


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This is a book about the raging battle between a system of Christian legal ethics that restores relationships, values integrity, and promotes peace, and an out of control secular legal system that destroys relationships, idolizes greed, and celebrates revenge. At the heart of this book is a comforting companion and helpful counselor for the Christian who is interacting in some way with the law, perhaps feeling bewildered or overwhelmed and, more than likely, increasingly uneasy with how all this legal stuff fits in with his or her Christian morals and beliefs. The book is comprehensive in scope, but written in a friendly, conversational tone. The legal topics addressed are carefully selected to cover all those most likely to be encountered by the normal person in the course of their everyday lives. They include very hot topics like living wills, living trusts, medical assistance planning, bankruptcy, pre-nuptial agreements, and business ethics, and they include more traditional but always extremely relevant topics like litigation, divorce, estate planning, criminal defense, taxes, and real estate matters. Readers will be enlightened, encouraged in their faith, and empowered in their ability to make sound decisions to honor that faith, even in the high-stakes, pressure-filled secular legal arena.

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