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Without Moral Limits



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Throughout history women have traditionally passed along their knowledge of womanhood to their daughters, who in turn entrusted their own daughters with these precious secrets. Sadly, it is a tradition lost. But at what cost?

In this powerful book, Debra Evans eloquently and clearly presents what thousands of pages of research document: women's health care is in crisis. She details how medical "experts" have taken the place of mothers and grandmothers. How the womb has been rendered optional for procreation now that new techniques allow life to begin in a petrie dish. How doctors are "liberating" women from their biological, God-designed destiny and are disregarding medical and moral norms at the expense of their patients' emotions, finances, and bodies. And how, as the traditional domain of women has become the technical domain of doctors, our reproductive competency and dependence on God has increasingly eroded and been sabotaged by our trust in medical professionals and their technology.

But Evans also reminds us of a better way. One that understands God's wonderful plan for sexuality and childbearing-- and realizes that therein lies the greatest hope for women.

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