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Immanuel, God With Us



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Immanuel, God With Us is the culmination of artist Robert Doares's life work. Created over a period of thirty years, this magnificent series depicts in fifty dramatic illustrations and four paintings the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As such, Immanuel is a beautiful, reverent work that uniquely captures the reality and meaning of "God with us."

Each scene is a detailed recreation of the events of Jesus' life as recorded in the Bible. To ensure accuracy, each scene was also painstakingly researched from the best available sources, including archaeological, historical and geographical records; Doares's own excursions to Israel; discussions with experts; and Greek dictionaries. The result is an authenticity and attention to detail unequaled in modern religious art.

In this extraordinary fine-art book for all ages, each illustration--along with the accompanying text by Doares himself--provides an unprecedented glimpse into the life of Christ.

A rare an beautiful book to be treasured as a work of art, Immanuel is equally to be treasured as a book that offers unforgettable insight into the meaning of "God with us" as revealed in Jesus Christ.

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