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Keeping Your Family Close When Frequent Travel Pulls You Apart



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Whether you're the road warrior or stay-at-home spouse, frequent business travel presents distinct challenges to your marriage and family. Many families simply try to survive this lifestyle. This book shows how you can develop closeness and deepen your togetherness--at home or at a distance.

The challenges you face while separated--parenting, keeping in touch, handling sexual expectations, making decisions, and staying emotionally and spiritually strong--are sympathetically addressed here by one who knows what the traveling lifestyle is like. Whether you're seeking emotional comfort or practical wisdom, Keeping Your Family Close holds out hope and help for your unique situation.

Though frequent travel may be a fact of your family's life, it doesn't mean your home life has to disintegrate. Let this book cultivate communication between you and your spouse so that as a couple--and as a family--you may grow closer together, even when you're apart.

"Keeping Your Family Close is a rare gift to those of us who wrestle with divided hearts. I only wish I'd had this resource years ago." -Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

"Traveling spouses create a whole different set of challenges and problems. This book draws from real-life experiences that will help families grow through their separation." -Josh D. McDowell, President, Josh McDowell Ministry

"Just what I have been looking for in my years of counseling couples. A must-read for anyone who travels or is married to someone who travels." -Dr. Brian Newman, Marriage and Family Counselor, Paul Meier New Life Clinic

"Hoekstra has thought through and articulated the emotions of both the stay-at-home spouse and the traveling one--and shows how they can still meet each other's needs when separated." -Rev. Stephen Macchia, President, Evangelistic Association of New England

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