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Simply C. S. Lewis

Crossway Books


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In the context of our modern dilemmas,... C.S. Lewis remains as fully relevant and now even more urgent than when he lived and wrote in the first half of the twentieth century. The spiritual and moral problems have not gone away; they have grown and multiplied. Lewis's insights have not been outgrown or refuted; they have been largely ignored. If we are wise, we have come to the point where we realize that we can afford to ignore them no longer.

C.S. Lewis's many books--from the Chronicles of Narnia and The Screwtape Letters to Mere Christianity and Surprised by Joy--are as versatile as the man himself. His uncanny ability to amuse the smallest of children, as well as bring profound understanding to adults, has made his writings timeless favorites that still bear amazing relevance in our life and times.

However, Lewis can be terribly intimidating to those who know his reputation as an intellectual but haven't yet sampled his writing. This engaging book--the ideal prelude for anyone preparing to read one of Lewis's many volumes for the first time--offers an excellent introduction to this novelist, professor, and apologist's life and works. The taste of Lewis that you'll get here is bound to leave you hungry for more. So much so that you will put away your fears and be persuaded to experience for yourself the imaginative and spiritual delights his classics afford.

This book takes much the same approach as Thomas C. Peters's previous award-winning work, Battling for the Modern Mind: A Beginner's Chesterton. Simply C.S. Lewis seeks to help the general reader discover the delights of Lewis without diluting the power of his work. The author is on staff at the University of California at Riverside.

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