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Dissing God : The Myth Of Spiritual Neutrality

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The political correctness police won't like this, but "I am the way, the truth and the life" applies to politics and law. One reason why people get emotional about elections and political issues is because these issues come from ideas about political theory, such as justice, ethics, and truth. These ideas, in turn, come from philosophical or theological ideas about what is the ultimate reality of the universe, which will either be theistic or atheistic. The difference between the opposing ideas is that they have different answers to the same questions of truth, ethics, and justice. God has as much right to be heard on public issues as secularism and other nontheistic ideas. Our challenge is to understand the basis for the principles in legal and political issues and then choose the one that best corresponds to reality. The book analyzes the different systems of looking at reality to see which system best conforms to fact and reason. The author brings to the table different emotional, political, and legal issues and discusses them to determine from which worldview they come from. The conclusion is that the theistic system, and orthodox Christianity in particular, provides the best foundation for a civil society that seeks to promote liberty and virtue together.

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