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Talis Hunters

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Matterhorn the Brave is an exciting new juvenile fiction series about four young people who are recruited to keep an eye on the portals of earth that connect all realms of space and time.


This second book in the Matterhorn the Brave series finds Matterhorn (Matthew Horn) summoned 10,000 years into the past to the pacific Northwest of America. His mission is to locate the band of Justice, another of the Ten Talis created by the Maker and hidden on Earth by the king of first Realm.

Joining him and Aaron the Baron in the quest for the Band are two seasoned travelers: princess Jewel, a beautiful Native American girl who can communicate with animals, and Nate the Great, an Aboriginal tracker and outdoorsman with the uncanny ability to disappear.

Following the legends of her people, Princess Jewel leads the way to the hidden city of the Sasquatch where the Band is said to be guarded. Along the way, wild rivers, frequent earthquakes, towering waterfalls, and ancient volcanoes turn their travels into a journey filled with action and adventure at every step.

Talis Hunters is volume 2 in the new Matterhorn the Brave series.

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